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Eye Wear


Eye Glasses

Aside from being a great aid to improve your vision, Eye Glasses can be very stylish as well. In fact, many fashion apparel companies like Calvin Klein, Prada, and Armani have a wide selection of eye wear models to choose from. These models are made for men and women, and include many types of glasses frames like cat eye, aviator, wayfarer, rimless, and many others. These eyeglass frames come in plastic material, metal, or a combination of both.

At Orange Optometry we offer an exclusive collection of frames that are hand picked and selected carefully to address different tastes. We pay attention to quality, craft and of course the design of each and every frame that we choose for our collection.

While you are selecting a frame for yourself, we will pay attention to all technical aspects necessary in order to make perfect prescription eyeglasses for you, so you can focus on choosing the frame that you like the most.

After finding a frame we will guide you to pick the best lenses available in order to provide you with a clear and crisp vision. But our work does not end there. We want to be sure that your experience with the eyeglasses that we have provided is 100% satisfactory. Therefore we will be there for you also after your purchase. Feel free to walk in with any questions you might have, if you need an adjustment, or maybe just to tell us how many complements you received on your new pair of glasses!


Contact Lenses

There are different reasons why people choose to wear contact lenses. Glasses are not always convenient or comfortable during certain activities, like playing soccer for example, or you just may want to go out once in a while without wearing your glasses. And why should you limit yourself if you have more then one option?

We make sure that we are up to date with new contact lens innovations so we can inform you on new options available in the contact lens market. The material that is used to make contact lenses are improving and become more comfortable. However, not all eyes are the same. We offer a variety of different contact lenses. The optometrist will listen to what your expectations are, what kind of lifestyle you have and will give you a recommendation based on combining this information with the contact lens examination.

We offer contact lenses with different wearing schedules: daily replacement, bi-weekly replacement and monthly replacement. When purchasing contact lenses with us, we will provide you with the latest contact lenses. We will make sure that you receive a complete starter kid after the contact lens fitting. When starting with contact lenses, our Optometrist will sit down with you, take time to teach you how to put them on, how to take them off and how to take care of them. Learning these things in a relaxed and caring manner will often play a significant role in the success rate of wearing contact lenses.



We can't see sun's ultraviolet light but it is absorbed by the tissue of the eye and can cause serious damage. Many options exist to protect your eyes from Ultra Violet (UV) light. If you want protection from UV rays as well as comfort from glare and brightness, tinted glasses work best. Options include permanently tinted sunglasses (prescription or non-prescription) or photo chromic lenses which get darker with increased UV intensity, but offer UV protection even when clear. You can also use clip-on sunglass lenses over your regular glasses.

Tinted lenses do not necessarily block UV light, so it is important to ensure your lenses block 100 per cent UVA and UVB. Lenses do not have to be dark to block UV rays, so if you want protection, but not the darkening effect of sunglasses, you can choose clear UV-blocking lenses. You can even get contact lenses with UV protection, but they will protect only a part of your eye while other parts remain exposed.

Light skin, eye pigmentation and certain medications such as oral contraceptives and some antibiotics, can affect how susceptible you are to UV light. Infants and young children are especially vulnerable to the damage from UV radiation and should wear sunglasses and a hat. UV is reflected from water and snow, so you should wear protective lenses around them, such as when skiing or doing water sports.

We can make specific recommendations to ensure your eyes are well-protected from the harmful effects of UV radiation.